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How can I make the most of my personal potential?


Fritz Frautschi looks forward to teaching you more about terlusollogy® and kinesiology. In easily understandable terms he will explain the principle of breathing types. Living according to your type can alleviate allergies and help you to lose weight; treatments may even cure a number of disorders. If you take your breathing type into account and act accordingly you will notice many positive benefits with regard to personal relationships and contacts with family, friends and neighbours.

Kinesiology is now firmly established and recognised as a valid method of treatment. Combined with terlusollogy® it can alleviate many psychological and physical complaints, help children with learning difficulties or suffering from ADS or dyslexia and reduce allergy symptoms and asthma.


Just imagine that determining your breathing type and changing your lifestyle accordingly could enable you to improve your health, efficiency and sense of wellbeing!

And, as a result, achieve greater success, recognition and satisfaction.



‘In the act of breathing there are two gifts of grace:

Taking in the air and being relieved of it.

The former oppresses, the latter refreshes.

Life is so wonderfully mixed!

Thank God when he burdens you,

and thank him when he sets you free again.’

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



This poem reveals that Goethe (1749–1832) was already aware of polarising breathing types, or at least felt that people inhaled and exhaled differently. Goethe was predominantly an inhaler – he was not only a 100% inhaler but also a 70% exhaler! Thus he was a thinking-feeling personality type, which means, among other things, that his decisions were carefully considered (planned) beforehand.

Human beings, animals and the earth are constantly influenced by theHHuH two rivals, sun and moon. We tend to pay more attention, however, to the moon (lunar calendar etc.) but the sun, in her role as the moon’s rival, also has a role to play.

For example, the constellation of sun and moon when we take our first breath defines our breathing type for the rest of our lives.

If we drift too far away from our breathing type during our lifetime ill health will be the inevitable outcome.

Erich Wilk made this observation during the Second World War. Charlotte Hagena and her son, Christian, developed his theory further and described it in a number of books. It has been confirmed beyond reasonable doubt by observing hundreds if not thousands of people over several decades.

Kinesiology offers a wide range of natural therapies and is now firmly established as a method of treating physical and psychic disorders linked with family life, school, learning difficulties, work and stress in general. Kinesiology and terlusollogy complement each other perfectly.

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