Many of you may now think that this is all far too complicated. In my opinion, if you glance only briefly at terlusollogy, you will soon understand the theory and it will become clear that it is perfectly natural and logical. The further you delve into the subject, the more you will realise that although there are two different types, each person must be considered individually. And that is precisely what terlusollogy does, as I hope you will have discovered from the content of the various sections of this home page. These statements are not, however, conclusive.

In order to derive the maximum benefit from terlusollogy, it is advisable to consult a professionally trained terlusollogist who will devise a programme that is tailor-made for your personal requirements and determine the constellation of your breathing type as compared to that of your partner, other family members, business partners etc.

Both lunar and solar exercises have been devised to correct physical misalignments and bad habits. They are easy to learn with the help of a terlusollogist. I have refrained from describing such exercises on this home page because trying to learn them by oneself may lead to problems.

Unfortunately, comprehensive literature about terlusollogy is currently only available in German:

Many singers are currently showing an interest in terlusollogy. This is perfectly understandable as inhaling and exhaling true to type can have an instant effect on vocal ability as much sound is produced by the anatomy (within the body). (Vibrations produced by the vocal chords and amplified by the resonating cavities in the head, etc.).

Personally, I have never regretted investing so much time and effort in terlusollogy in the form of training sessions, teaching etc.

I have noticed from my own experience and from that of clients and course participants that it is possible to achieve a much better feeling of well-being with relatively little effort and minor adjustments. There is no need, therefore, to change one’s habits radically to reach one’s goal. Changing the most important aspects of one’s diet in combination with breathing exercises can often work wonders!

What can definitely be said, however, is that:

If you act contrary to your breathing type, this will inevitably lead sooner or later to ill health in one form or another.

Or, in other words, the more you veer towards your own personal breathing type, the healthier, livelier and more light-hearted you will be. If this is practised from an early age, a child will enjoy robust good health until late in life! One should also bear in mind that enormous savings could be made in the health care sector if this knowledge were applied. At present, however, the pharmaceutical industry prefers to invest millions to develop prophylactic medication rather than to address the causes of disease.

So far (spring 2011) roughly 150 persons (including 7 from Switzerland) have completed their training and are entitled to use the protected title ‘terlusollogist’.

Last but not least, I should like to thank Christian Hagena most warmly for the enormous effort he has put into training terlusollogists and into the advancement and promotion of terlusollogy.